Second day of tennis in Peña Vitoriana where the preliminary phase is closed.


  • Monday’s day has been developed with a great level of tennis shown by all the players, which defined who will advance to the final draw.
  • On Wednesday, the final round of the tournament will begin, with the 24 players previously classified by ranking and the best 8 players of the previous phase.


Vitoria-Gasteiz, July 17, 2023.– On the second day of the ARABA WORLD TENNIS TOUR FEMENINO Open Grupo Amutio held at the Peña Vitoriana Tennis Club, the last 8 matches corresponding to the preliminary round of the tournament have been played. A dynamic and high level tennis has characterized Monday’s day, with very disputed matches and others that were closed quickly. The best players have qualified for the final round, who are added to the 24 players who qualified directly, to complete the 32 players who will compete in the final draw.

The day started with the clash on the Amutio court, between the Italian Verena Meliss and the Chinese Tianmi Mi. The player from China has managed to win the match in 1 hour and 30 minutes, against Meliss who has fought hard. With only one break in each set, Tianmi Mi won the match 6-3 / 6-4. At the same time, on the Araba Aldundia court, the Spanish Alba Rey was beaten in 3 sets by the tennis player from Great Britain Emelie Lindh. The first set was won by the Spaniard 6-3, however, the player from Murcia was unable to maintain her advantage and lost the second set 1-6. The third set was dominated by Lindh, who won it by 2-6, thus closing a difficult match.

The second round of the morning match, on Amutio court, pitted the Swiss Sebastianna Scilipoti against Estelle Cascino of France.
Scilipoti, without great difficulty, has overcome by a score of 6-0 / 6-2 to Cascino. Thus, getting into the final draw, showing a great level of tennis. At the same time, on the Araba Aldundia court was played the match between the Bulgarian Lia Karatancheva against the American Rhiann Newborn. A very even and eye-catching match attracted the audience, who were able to enjoy good tennis. Only one break was enough for the Bulgarian to win the first set. In the second set, the pressure and precision of Karatancheva’s strokes have largely overcome Newborn. The game was quickly closed 6-3 / 6-1 in favor of the Bulgarian.

The day continued with the third round on Amutio court between the players Anja Wildgruber from Germany and the Polish Gina Feistel. A tough match for both players, who won one set each. In the third set, Feistel’s game and Wildgruber’s tiredness have marked a quick closing in favor of the Polish player, who won the match 2-6 / 6-4 / 3-6. On the other hand, on Araba Aldundia court, Sofia Milatova of Slovakia and Mariia Kostiuk of Ukraine met. From the beginning of the match Milatova dominated the game with safe and forceful strokes and managed to close the first set by 6-3. In the second set Milatova kept the pressure on, leaving Kostiuk without answers, who lost by a categorical 6-0.

In the fourth and final round of the day on Monday, the match between Nahia Berecoechea and Flavie Brugnone, both French tennis players, took place on the Amutio court. Due to the sum of unforced errors of Brugnone, the French player took a long set of one hour by 6-3. The second set was dominated by Berecoechea, with great confidence and solidity. Brugnone could not hold this pace of play and lost the set 6-1 ending the match. On the Araba Aldundia court, the Bolivian player Noelia Zeballos and the Serbian Elena Milovanovic have faced each other. The match started very evenly, with long exchanges of blows, and was decided in the tie break in favor of the Serbian player after more than an hour of first set. The second set started in the same way, very disputed between both players, and has ended up being resolved in favor of the Balkan player by a partial 6-3 after more than 2 hours of match.