First day of tennis with a great atmosphere in a Peña Vitoriana overturned with his tournament.

The tennis player from Vitoria, Nadine Arbaizar, did not make it past the round in her debut after losing against the Bulgarian Lia Karatancheva in a tournament of this level.

  • Alba Rey García (ESP), Tianmi Mi (CHN), Emilie Lindth (GBR), Sebastiana Scilipoti (SUI), Estelle Cascino (FRA), Verina Meliss (ITA), Lia Karatancheva (BUL), Rhiann Newborn (USA), Nahia Berecoechea (FRA), Gina Feistel (POL), Elena Milovanovic (SRB), Noelia Zeballos (BOL), Sofia Milatova (SLK), Anja Wildgruber win their matches and advance to the next round.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, July 16, 2023.- The IV Edition of the ARABA WORLD TENNIS TOUR FEMENINO Open Grupo Amutio starts at the Peña Vitoriana. On the first day 15 matches have been enjoyed, corresponding to the first day of the preliminary round of the tournament, full of expectation and a lot of talent and with a large influx of public throughout the day.

The day has started with a first round in which the Murcian Alba Rey Garcia, the Chinese Tianmi Mi and the British Emilie Lindth pass to the second round. Both Alba Rey and Tianmi Mi have won their matches without difficulty dominating the match from the beginning, while Lindth has had to step on the accelerator to win, because despite having won the first set 6-0, has been forced to play a third set to advance to the second round.

In the second round of the morning, Switzerland’s Scilipoti, France’s Cascino and Italy’s Meliss advanced to the second round. Scilipoti’s match has been of high level tennis and long exchanges in which the experience of the Swiss has helped her to show a higher level and close the match. Cascino has had it less complicated to close the match since she has been able to take advantage of the unforced errors of her rival. On the other hand, the match of Meliss has been very even and full of intensity, her opponent has been noticed tired causing errors that have given away many points to Meliss.

In the third round of the day the American Newborn, the French Berecoechea and the Bulgarian Karatancheva who has beaten a Nadine Arbaizar who started the match a little erratic, the result of the nerves of playing a match of this magnitude in which is her club of all her life, finally yielding by a double 6-1. Newburn had to sweat a lot in the first set and the second set was easier. Finally, Berecoechea has found good sensations since the beginning of her match, which has been gradually decanting the scoreboard to her side against a combative Ferlito.

In the fourth and final round, the Bolivian Zeballos, with an aggressive and dominant game, the Slovakian Milatova, with solidity and consistency; and the German Wildgruber in a hard-fought match have achieved the pass after winning their matches respectively.

Tomorrow, the tournament will continue its course in a second day of the preliminary round in which a total of 8 matches will be played from 11 am.


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