A few days ago I started thinking about the importance of this International Women’s Tournament and I automatically thought of a high level of tennis. Even so, I would like us to be aware that it is much more than that and that behind a great tennis, there is struggle, perseverance and discipline, values that we try to transmit day by day in the school. Surely the first thing that comes to mind when we are enjoying a match during the tournament is the word LUCK.

Yes, you read that right, luck to be able to dedicate oneself and make a living from sport, we all know that it is not easy, although not impossible. However, we must not forget that surely behind each player there are many victories, but also many defeats and desire to throw in the towel at times. For all this, I convey my admiration and gratitude, without them this would not be possible. In addition, I would like to convey to them, on behalf of the members of the Club, that with their assistance they manage to transmit illusion and attract public that gives life to our facilities.

I do not want to finish without thanking all the people who make possible that this Tournament can be carried out, here there is also a lot of work behind. I hope we can be at the height again, now we just have to enjoy and learn.