In doubles, Masarova and Australian Gadecki won the title in Vitoria.

The final of the Araba World Tennis Tour will feature the two best players of the tournament or those who have shown the best tennis and more solidity in their game. Both show that the national tennis has a new generation and is in good health.

The sensation and surprise has been Ane Mintegi. Invited by the club La Peña Vitoriana, as they did in 2019 in an ITF 25,000. No one could imagine what in one week has changed Ane Mintegi’s life. Junior Wimbledon champion and second final in seven days. Her tennis explosion is great news. She has everything to succeed in tennis. In her semifinal, she suffered to overcome a great Estela Pérez-Somarriba, special mention for her brilliant tournament, in three sets (6-0, 4-6, 6-4). The forehand of the player from Idiazabal is huge. The duel against Rebeka Masarova promises a disputed final. The Spaniard, whose father is Slovenian, struggled to get rid of Angela Fita, coming from behind and finishing off the match with a 6-0 win in the third set. After that, her next two elimination matches were settled in two sets, against Paraguay’s Cepede and Japan’s Hontama. In a long match, Mintegi may have a certain advantage.


Both will suffer from the accumulation of matches. Masarova also comes from winning the doubles title together with the Australians Olivia Gadechi, after beating the pair formed by Celia Cerviño and Olivia Nicholls by 3-6, 3-6.

The final will be played at the Motor Gorbea center court at 12:00 noon. Such is the interest in the ITF Araba $60,000 that even the president of the Spanish tennis federation, Miguel Díaz Román.

Before that, at 10:30 a.m., the Miranda tennis club players, Raúl Moreno and Rubén Pérez, will offer a wheelchair tennis exhibition.