The II edition of the ITF 60,000 Araba World Tennis Tour “Araba en femenino” tournament to be held between July 12 and 18 will be played in public.  The evolution of the COVID and the decisions adopted by the advisory board of LABI, the regulatory body for actions against the pandemic in the Basque Country, will allow the event in Alava, the highest-ranking ITF event in the Basque Country, to be played with fans in the stands. “For La Peña Vitoriana Tenis Club it is great news because it is a tournament with a very high level of tennis and we want people to come to our facilities to enjoy it”.


The maximum capacity allowed is 300 people, although from the organization, all the protocols and limits allowed will be kept with maximum rigor. Admission will be free.


This Araba ITF 60,000, is one of the big bets of the Peña Vitoriana and Alava institutions to put Vitoria and Alava in the focus of international tennis.


Previously, between June 26th and July 4th, the Isa del Campo tournament will be held, a pre-preliminary stage of the ITF 60,000, with the winner getting a direct pass to the final phase of the international tournament and the finalist getting a place in the preliminary phase.


It is estimated that about 120 players will arrive in Vitoria.




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